Q: How can I contact someone at BCL Appraisals, Inc.?
A: See Contact Information.

Q: How do I order an appraisal?
A: We accept orders via fax, telephone or e-mail. Please be sure to have the subject’s address, city and proper contact information when calling or sending in an order.

Q: How much does an appraisal cost?
A: Appraisal fees vary based on the property’s characteristics as well as the intended purpose of the appraisal. As a result, it is difficult to provide flat fee rates. We are happy to discuss fees before an appraisal is ordered.

Q: What exactly will I be paying for if I were to order an appraisal from BCL Appraisals, Inc.?
A: BCL Appraisals, Inc. provides clients with any type of format appraisal from restricted appraisals to full narrative format, all appraisals conforming to the Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice. We take the time to talk with our clients and provide the type of appraisal that fits their needs.

Q: Once I order an appraisal, when will I receive the completed report?
A: Typically appraisals are mailed or emailed within 48 hours of inspection.

Q: Do you perform comparable searches?
A: Due to the unique nature of every property and recent improvements that homeowners may have made, it is very difficult to get an accurate preliminary value of a property without an inspection. Therefore we do not perform traditional “comp checks.”